Foreword by Prof. Ninian Smart  E-mail

All of us who are interested in Indian Philosophy and in Vedanta in particular are greatly indebted to Dr.B.N.K.SHARMA. He has in this volume added to his magisterial History of Dvaita School(2nd Edition 1981) and other writings with an exposition and unfolding of Vyasatirtha's Nyayamruta. Although the Neo-Vedantin philosophy espoused by Swami Vivekananda was an important riposte to the critiques of Indian religion and philosophy launched by missionaries and colonial administrators, and so became a potent weapon in the defence of Indian nationalism, its great influence has indeed tended to obscure the real total shape of Vedanta, taken in its various forms. Dr. Sharma's restoration of Madhva's rightful place in the whole scheme of Hindu thought has been most welcome. This latest undertaking of his shows how later important figures in the Dvaita tradition still produced important criticisms of the Non-Dualist epistemology and metaphysics. They pointed to certain instabilities in Advaita Philosophy. Dr. Sharma incisively points to the contradiction in supposing that God is after all a deceptive magician. Both Western and traditional Indian scholars are in his debt for making Nyaymruta available to a modern public. I congratulate him on this volume's appearance.

Ninian Smart

J.F.Rowny Professor of Comparative Religions,

Universty of California,

Santa Barbara,