About the work Advaita Siddhi Vs Nyayamruta and Dr. B.N.K.Sharma  E-mail

(The following information has been extracted from Dr. Sharma's work : AdvaitaSiddhi Vs Nyayamruta - An upto date Critical Reappraisal.)


Dr. B.N.K.Sharma


The history of Dvaita-Advaita Polemics in its massive form, in Sanskrit, dating from

Vyasatirtha in the first quarter of the 16th century and ending with the 18th is an

event exciting wonder and admiration and has kept the spirit of the quest of

philosophical truth alive and active to this day.

In 1964, Dr. K.Narain of the Allahabad University reopened it in modern garb in English

and brought it to the modern academic forum, in his Critique of Madhva Refutation of

Sankara School of Vedanta. It has since been reprinted in 1988.

The main targets of his attack are the Nyayamruta of Vyasatirtha and its defence against  the reply of the

Advaitasiddhi of Madhusudhana, in Ramacharya's Tarangini. Dr. Narain has undertaken to dispel what he calls

"the darkness let loose by Vyasatirtha" and restore Advaita Vedanta to its status quo ante bellum, as the

culmination of Indian thought. The phlosophical world has waited long for the reaction to Dr. Narain's work from the

Dvaita side. The mantle has fallen on the doyen of modern scholars of Dvaita thought Dr.B.N.K.Sharma (b. 1909)

whose credentials to speak and write with authority and inward knowledge of the rival schools has been acknowledged

by Savants of international reputation.